Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Flea Market Tote

One of the other projects I started a long time ago from the Heather Ross book was the "Everything Tote." I used Echino fabric I purchased on sale at the Purl Soho warehouse in Tustin.  It has owls and deer on it!!!!  I was so excited to make this new bag, but it was nothing but trouble!  The instructions were atrocious and if you follow them, the handles turn out to be tiny and nothing like the picture.  The amount of fabric needed is incorrect as well.  The pattern calls for 1/2yd of the self and lining fabrics, but I think you need 1.25yd each.

What I did differently:

* Pleated instead of gathered the bag front and back
* Used a completely different handle treatment.  The instructions did not make sense and there are many other ways to get the same look.
* I added buttons on either side and used a hair-tie as a quick closure.

* While cutting out the lining pieces, I accidentally cut into my fabric TWICE.  This allowed me to practice my corner seam technique.  They came out beautifully. :-P

One the plus side, this bag holds a whole lot and because I used an off-white lining, it is very easy to see and access all my "stuff."  It's a great flea market bag!

Also, it can carry an assortment of dogs.

It turned out cute, but I would not recommend this pattern.

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Weekend-Only Picnic Skirt

Weekend-only, you ask?  Well, the reason is because I got a job!  I'm officially an Assistant Technical Designer and this skirt is just too short to wear to work.  I've had a full week of training on just the company info, hard and soft lines.   This week I start job-specific training.  Last week was so great and I'm so thankful the company put so much time and effort into training.  I feel so lucky to have found this job.

Yay!  Back to the skirt.  I saw Tilly's skirt and thought it was really cute, but never intended to make it until I went to the swapmeet and found almost the exact fabric (for $1.50/yd. I might add).  Yes, I know I could have made it with different fabric, but it really wasn't on my list of things to do.  I followed the instructions for the most part because I honestly didn't want to have to think.  Hehe.  I omitted the pockets because I wanted to draft them a little differently from the instructions, but didn't want to take the time.  I started the skirt last Sunday night, the day before my first day of work.  Being the moron that I am, I decided to not make a paper pattern, which caused me some trouble.  I accidentally cut the skirt too short, hence the skimpiness.  It is totally wearable, but I can't bend over too far.  :)

The buttons are from an estate sale find.  I do love them.

Thanks to my newest followers! I'm so sorry for the neglect of the blog.  Thanks Cynthia and Danielle