Saturday, March 29, 2014

My Super Cutesy Heart Top

Hi Everyone!

I made another version of Simplicity 1693!  This time I made View C.  The first time I made a floral, sleeveless View F.

Last time, I felt like I needed a very slight FBA with this pattern.  So this time, I cut the size 10 and added a 3/8" FBA (3/4" total). This helped add a little ease at the bust and balance the hem so it didn't hike up in the front.  I'm noticing hiking in some of the things I've been making.  Damn my boobs!

So I'm really stoked with the top.....with the exception of a few things.   I spent a long time lining up the hearts at CB and I missed it by 1/8."  That pissed me off.  It just shifted when I was cutting.  The other thing that is sad is the fabric itself.  I bought it at the swapmeet for $1.50yd.  It's a really nice stretch poly crepe.  Sadly, there are spots on my fabric.  The black bled out into the white leaving weird, grey blotches.  I didn't notice until I was pressing during construction.  Everyone who has seen the top said they didn't notice until I pointed them out.  I'm still going to wear it anyways and hopefully over time, the black will completely bleed into white creating a nice light grey. Hahaha.

I bound the neckline with packaged bias tape and overlocked the seams.

The bottom hem and sleeve hems are narrow hemmed.  I'm very proud of the hems actually.  They turned out very nice.

Well that's it.  See my full review at PatternReview.

 More pics below.  Oh, and the Boyfriend and I made the sewing pattern flower.  We made a bunch when we started watching Homeland a few months ago.  We never got into the show, but we have a bunch of flowers decorating our apartment.  Win!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Burda 02-2013 #127 Gathered Raglan Sleeve Top

This pattern was both a wadder and then a success.

I thought I had found the perfect pattern to use for the striped fabric below:

I really liked this grey and white stripe knit.  I purchased it in Maui years ago, and have been holding on to it.  When I finally got to working with the fabric, I realized the grain was horribly distorted, probably because it was originally a circular knit and then it was cut to roll on a bolt.  The Boyfriend and I tried pull the fabric back into shape, but we failed.  I decided to cut the pattern out anyways and put the pieces on grain as best as I could.  Construction was going fine until I realized that the fabric had no recovery! I finished the top, minus the hem, and tried it on.  It was a hot mess!  I tossed it right away along with the rest of the fabric.  I was so sad.  

I decided to try again with a black Rayon/Lycra knit I had in the stash.  This fabric was drapier, and had nice recovery.  I consider this one the success.  Not sure I love the raglan look, but it fits and looks good.  All the pictures are completely washed out to show some detail.

Changes I made:
I shortened the body drastically and shortened the sleeves by 2".  I could have shortened the sleeves more.  I also shortened the neck binding by 2" as recommended by someone on PatternReview.  For this version I sewed the sleeves on to the body first and then stitched the sleeve and side seams second.  I had to take about 1.25" out of the underarm.  I felt there was too much fabric and it was hindering my movement.
I used a twin needle on all hems.  

Link to my PatternReview.  

Sorry for all the washed out photos.  It was the only way to show the detail!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

V1247 Blue and White Smock...I mean Top

Remember the fabric featured in the pattern weight post?  Well, here's the blouse I made with it!

I used V1247, the Rachel Comey blouse.  I've been wanting to make this for a while, and finally got around to making it.

The fabric was actually from Joann's from the Lisette collection a few years ago.  I really liked it.  Unfortunately, I don't think it worked all that well with this pattern.  Again, I chose a pattern that isn't a stripe, but is.  The flowers converge on each other in a weird way in the center.  I must not have cut the fabric out as accurate as I had hoped.

Instead of following the instructions and using french seams, I just stitched the seams and then serged the edges.  It was quick and just as effective.  Not as pretty inside, but still professional looking.

I wish I would have made one size smaller and lengthened the pattern a bit.  I am short, but I would have liked it longer n the front.  Like the reviews say on PatternReview, the shirt is very low cut.  I'm usually okay with this, but since the top is large, I need to wear a cami underneath.

The Boyfriend says the top looks good on me, but he's always nice about the things I make.  It's a super comfy shirt, but I don't think I will wear it often.  :(  It reminds me of hospital scrubs.  What do you think?

Sunday, March 2, 2014

More Silhouette Fun.

I made my mom a silhouette portrait of my parents for Mother's Day.  I finally got around to taking the picture off my camera.

I photoshopped photos of them, merged the images together, and converted the file into Illustrator. The Silhouette Studio program will take .ai files, but not .jpgs.  I traced the file and with some trial and error, made the portrait.  I used some Amy Butler scrapbook paper for the background and created my own photo mat too.  

I took this picture of Pearl on the same day.  Yes, a gratuitous portrait of Pearl :)