Monday, February 28, 2011

I stole my mom's lamp!

Two Christmas's ago I received a new lamp for sewing.

It's ugly as sin, but does the trick.  It sits by my sewing machine because the lighting in the sewing room is awful at night.  My dad's a big fan of CFLs and LEDs which really provide crappy light IMO.   My mom liked my lamp and bought one of her own and now I have stolen it.  Its now down at the dining room table where I sketch.  No pics because my mom would probably kill me if I posted a pick of the distaster I have created in her dining room.  I talked to my friends about it, and it seems that we have all come to a consensus that fashion school creates a hurricane effect in one's home.  But anyways, I digress. has some pretty lamps and other forms of lighting that would surely help you see.  I do wish my lamp was prettier, but its functional.  Maybe I'll get to buy a new one when I finally move out!

How are your eyeballs doing these days?  Any tips/tricks for a brighter sewing/craft space?  What kind of lighting do you use?

Fun lamps at CSN:

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Visionaire 58: Spirit

Visionaire #58 "Spirit" A Tribute to Lee Alexander McQueen from viacomit on Vimeo.

Have any of you heard of Visionaire?  I found out about it a few weeks ago and thought I would share.  This is what Visionaire has to say about itself:

“Visionaire is a multi-format album of fashion and art produced in exclusive limited editions.  Each issue is hand-numbered and released as a collector’s item.  Since its inception in Spring 1991, Visionaire has offered a forum for works by both famous and emerging artists from around the world as well as personalities, fashion designers, and image-makers.  Published 3-4 times a year, Visionaire features a different theme and format each season.  Artists work in collaboration with Visionaire to produce their personal interpretations on a theme, and are given unparalleled freedom to push Visionaire’s different formats.”

FIDM has all or most of the Visionaire issues for their students to peruse for research or inspiration. One of the most recent issues, Visionaire #58 is a tribute to Alexander McQueen.  I actually got to touch (with spotless white gloves) this rare edition.  There are only 75 numbered copies.  In this issue, top fashion photographers share images of his work and creative spirit.  The coolest thing in my opinion is that the images are printed on paper embedded with wildflower seeds so they are biodegradeable.  I love the metaphor of resurrection.  When the ornate box is opened an Lady Gaga song plays (on loop).  That was a little annoying, but really cool nonetheless.  Here are a few images I pulled from the net:



Friday, February 25, 2011

I know, I know...

Golf Survey! Sorry, its not a sewing post again, but I have to get the word out!

Hey Everyone! If you play golf (preferably women, but men can answer the survey too!) could you fill out this survey and send it back to me?  I have entered a scholarship competition at FIDM to create an activewear line for golf.  The scholarship is sponsored by Cotton Inc. (You know, the fabric of your life!).  This survey is important because if Cotton Inc. likes our ideas, they will be incorporated into future golf wear. So really, as survey takers, you are designing your own, personalized golf clothes!  

If you have time fill out the survey!  

You can cut and copy to an email if that is easier and email me back at

Thanks everyone!

Part I:

Age [13-18, 18-25, 26-30, 31-35, 36-40, 41-45, 46-50, over 50]? 
Income [ballpark please] :
Highest Degree earned:
Location/Climate you play golf in:

Part II:

  1. How often do you golf?
  2. What do you like about the sport?
  3. How do you choose the garments you wear on the golf course? Why? (Based on price, color, style, brand, ect…)
  4. Where do you purchase your golf attire? Why that store?
  5. How much do you spend on golf garments? Do you feel this price is appropriate? If not, please explain.
  6. How much are you willing to spend?
  7. Approximately how many pieces of golf attire do you own?
  8. How often do you purchase new pieces?
  9. Why draws you to a particular golf garment? (Fit, color, print, style, silhouette, functionality, ect...)
  10. What is your favorite golf garment? Why?
  11. What changes would you make to women’s golf apparel?
  12. What would you like to see in women’s golf apparel?
  13.   What aspects are specific to golf clothing that are necessary to play effectively?  For example, do you prefer baggier shirts or more tight fitting stretch tops?  Are skirts more comfortable than skorts?
  14.   I am aware golf attire is eliminating pant pockets because golfers do not put anything in them.  Pant pockets are reduced to one zippered pocket in the middle of your back side.  There you can store an IPhone, credit cards and minimal cash if needed…  Do you like this trend? Do side pocket get in the way? Is there a use for pockets?

Thanks again!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Any Female Golfers out there?

pahr golf activewear

I, along with 2 other partners, have entered into a Cotton Incorporated design contest for active wear.  Our team has chosen golf and we have decided to focus on women's wear because 1) we can draw women better 2) It is easier for us to make clothing for them at this point in our schooling 3) there is a better chance at having more fun with the design, than with menswear.

Are there any female golfers out there that are willing to help me out answering a few questions about what female golfers look for in their golf attire? 

I would like to know things like what brands you wear while playing,  fabrics you prefer to wear, what type of fit is best, any details (like certain pockets or ease) you like in current golf attire or you find missing and really anything you could add to the subject.  

I know this is a sewing and craft blog, but people have hobbies other than sewing, right?  Perhaps, golf???? 

So if you have any insight into the sport and what you think would work in golf fashion, please let me know.  

Thanks Blogland!

How long does it take to make a pair of pj pants in Fashion School?

2 months!  I know, I'm lame. And they aren't "special" pjs like I hoped. I wanted to add a little bow in front and the hems were supposed to be shorter and drawstring.  Silly, cutesy pjs became silly fabric boring pjs.  I did have 3 rows of 1/4" elastic in the waistband though and I love the fun cowboys.

This post is really just to say Thanks to my newest follower!  

Thanks Dawn Chan!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Hot Mess...

For my draping class, we have to make an "avante garde" draped organza skirt.  We started by draping a basic straight wrap skirt in muslin, and then transferred to dot paper.  I then cut and sewed the basic straight skirt in organza.

Sew crappy polyester organza over strips of tissue or tracing paper! It works like a charm and my seams were perfect.  Apparently other students (using the industrials) got their projects swallowed by the machine a few times and had to start over.

We then had to drape the organza over the base skirt.  Here is what I have so far.  It's one big hot mess!  I was going to do a bubble hem, but I haphazardly cut the overlay too short.  I think I'm going to do a hand rolled hem on everything, which will take forever.

My skirt is gross and I just hope I can get a good grade on it just for all the work I put into it.


Thanks to Levanah, Allie, and dikisdersi for becoming my newest followers!  You gals are great!  

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


All over Blogland, I read all about how topstitching is such a B*tch!  People complaining how their lines aren't quite straight enough....How painful it is to switch out thread....Heck, I've even complained...

But I won't anymore....Try drawing teeny, tiny double topstitching:

I thought fashion school would be more fun.

I'd rather be sewing....

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A sneak peak into my life....

FIDM = Sleepless Nights

I don't think I've ever had this much homework.  I finished my draped bias dress.  I draped the dress, transferred to dot paper, made a muslin, adjusted my paper pattern, and then cut and sewed the final in this lovely pink seersucker (oozing sarcasm).  FIDM gives us all most of our supplies at the beginning of the quarter and this fabric is what we got.

Here's a sneak peak (probably the only peak) at my final draped bias slip dress:

I'm almost done, just have the hem left and I have to sew it by hand.  I'm definitely an over-achiever.  I made all that spaghetti bias tubing and hand sewed it on to the dress tonight.  My fingers are quite sore.  The tubing took forever to turn and required some serious strength.  I have short nails, but I split one and broke two more.  I suffer for my craft.  The hand sewing started off slow, but it definitely picked up once I figured out what I was going to do.  

I'd show the rest of the dress, but its on my mom's dressform and it doesn't quite fit.  It looks much better on the school dressforms.  

If you want a tutorial on making spaghetti straps or working with bias binding, let me know.  I have samples for class to sew and I could take step by step photos. 

I hope you all are sewing for fun, not for grades :)