Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pixelated Camo Blouse

I finished my blouse a last week.  It's not bad, not great, but it's definitely wearable.  The fabric I used was a poly crepe de chine I got at the swapmeet and it was a pain to work with.  Extremely difficult to cut out.  It also does not lay as nice as silk would around the neckline.

I used S1806, View E.  I thought the instructions were pretty good, but the top was not difficult to put together.  Pressing was the hardest part.  the back pleat would not stay pressed and therefore shifted even with plenty of pins and basting.  My only problem with the instructions was with the sleeves.  The pictures were unclear as to where to stitch the bias binding.  My SA was not 5/8" so the armsyces are a little snug, but its not a big deal.  I also had to tack the back of the collar down to the shirt because it would not lay correctly.  I tacked the neckline facing to the shoulder seams and the 3 seams in the front.  I chose to do french seams throughout to make the shirt pretty inside.

More pictures:

That's it.  I'll be posting a review on PR soonish.  :)


  1. Oh Gosh - I'm making this shirt right now, same View! I had to change it to my sloper fit. . . and I think I'm changing the collar to a Peter Pan . . . Simply because I've had trouble too with that collar laying well as designed. I did a Vogue pattern with double knit and the collar was fantastic - same dress cotton law - not so good. I'm using a linen fabric so I may have to Peter Pan!

    I love your shirt - looks brilliant on you!!!

  2. It looks quite nice. It would look good tucked into a skirt too.

  3. I've bben circling this pattern like a shark- I love the back of yours- maybe I'll rethink my silky fabric idea......

  4. Snazzy top with lovely details. That fabric is fab!