Friday, July 12, 2013

Hipster Babies.

It's baby making season.  It seems everyone I know is pregnant or just had a baby.  My best friend's brother had a baby boy and since I was going up north to visit, I thought I would make a baby present for him.  My friend's brother used to really like traffic cones.  Really, really like them.  Sooo, I decided to turn his baby into one.

I used the Silhouette.  The Boyfriend bought it for me for my birthday and I've made some pretty cool things.  I'll post more of my paper crafts another time.  For the onesie, I modified a clipart image and cut it out of freezer paper.  I then ironed it on the onesies and painted the cone with fabric paint.  

Here's my creation:

My sister is also pregnant with her first, so I thought I would embellish some onesies for her. I found the spaceship patches at a Japanese store called DAISO.  That place is amazing!  It's a $1.50/item "99cent Store" selling only Japanese products.  

The mustache was an iron-on I had left over from a t-shirt I made for my niece.  On the light blue onesie, I drafted a tiny pocket with a scrap of fabric from a shirt project I'm working on for my dad's belated birthday/father's day present.

That's it.  Silly, crafty onesies for hip babies.

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