Monday, April 26, 2010

Colette Patterns Rooibos Dress

I saw Gertie's post on the Colette Patterns Rooibos dress and wanted to make it immediately. I had a gift certificate to one of the online fabric stores and bought the pattern. I bought royal blue stretch cotton sateen at Joann's (also with another gift card ---> Thanks Mom!) for the dress and some notions. I thought I was all ready to go.

Then I saw the sizing....It seemed to be like the current RTW vanity sizes, which puts me at around a size 2/4. That didn't seem right because I thought I needed a bit more ease in the bust. Is 1/2in ease even enough to move??? I decided to cut a 4 in the pattern (only after I traced it twice! {once on crappy paper, then again on nice white doctor's office paper}) I measured and realized a FBA would probably help. So I did that, made a really crappy muslin, and it seemed to fit okay. I just thought I would have to extend the darts up a little in the final version.

I cut my final fabric, basted the bodice together and it looked awful! I tried fixing the darts, gathering instead of darts, and tucks instead of darts. Gathering looked best, but still made my boobs look droopy. The bodice was hideous. Luckily I had enough fabric to cut out a straight size 4. It fits better, but still not great. I don't think the neckline is quite me. Other than Gertie's version and the pattern picture, I haven't liked one version of the dress I've seen made up. I'm sure I haven't seen them all. There are too many sewing blogs out there to read!

Right now the dress is in pieces and I don't know when I'm going to have time to finish it. The Boyfriend's birthday is Friday. I have my digital photography class tm night, dinner with the Boyfriend and his Dad Wednesday, and my amazing quilting class on Thursday. I have to finish baking the cake too. And go shopping for his other bday present. Too much to do!

I'll upload the pictures of two of the previous things I made later.

Hooray! I'm actually blogging!

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