Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back from Maui...very little sewing.

I got back from Maui EAARRLLY Monday morning.  Of course, I got sick there and felt like crap for the last couple of days.  Didn't get any sewing done after the trip.  The only sewing-related thing I was able to do was wash my fabrics I got in Maui!  I got a few recommendations from some fellow bloggers (Thanks!) and ended up going to 3 fabric stores in Maui.  I'm lame and didn't take pictures of the store fronts, but I found some on the web.

(No picture of Discount Fabric Warehouse, but here's one of the beach instead!)

Right off the plane, my parents picked me up from the airport and we headed to Discount Fabric Warehouse.  The store was small, but jam-packed full of fabric!  There were two cute old ladies working there and they were very nice and helpful.  I ended up with only one piece of fabric, a few yards of a cotton grey and white stripe knit. They had a great selection of batiks, quilting cottons, rayons, and tons of hawaiian print fabric.  I wish I went back!

(picture from A Passionate Quilter)

(picture from this website

Sew Special was the second store I visited.  It is located at the Queen Kaahumanu Mall.  Literally, right inside a traditional mall.  It was very cute and the staff was very helpful as well.  They primarily had quilting cottons (all the good stuff:  Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry, A.M.H., Kokka fabrics, etc etc etc.), and lots of Hawaiian print fabrics as well. I found a crazy cotton blue check 60% off for $3.20/yd.  The checks are woven, not printed, and the hand is really nice.  I want to make a Marc Jacobs inspired dress with it sooner or later.  I asked my dad if he wanted a Hawaiian shirt made for xmas so we picked up a Victoria Jones pattern at the store and some very colorful Japanese quilting cotton.  My dad has expensive taste.

The last store I visited was Fabric Mart.  It was not my favorite store to be honest.  To be fair, it was mostly because I wasn't feeling well and the store was not air conditioned.  It was hotter in the store than it was outside and I was queasy.  Despite the lack of A.C.,  fabric was piled to the ceiling in the store, but I couldn't find anything I wanted or liked.  Most everything I saw was so-so quilting fabric and polyester.  I'm cool with poly. sometimes, but everything I touched felt gross.  I was sick so I didn't spend much time there, and my parents couldn't deal with the lack of fresh air.  If you are in the area, check out the store because I'm sure there is good stuff in there too.  :)

Even though it is off topic, maybe I'll post some misc. Maui pics soon.  I got a cool picture of a chameleon and some pretty pictures :)

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