Friday, July 16, 2010

Maui and 2 dresses in action!

Pictures of Maui!!!  Pictures are much more fun than a bunch of words.  So I won't write anymore (until I talk about the dresses).

My favorite picture is on my dad's camera still.  It will become my profile picture as soon I get a hold of it!

And now the dress.  Here's a picture of my niece and I at the Plantation House. (I haven't asked my sister yet if I can show a picture of my niece, so I blurred her face.  Now she looks like a character in The Ring).  I'm wearing my Cynthia Rowley dress and she is wearing a strapless sheared dress I made for her over a year ago.  She saw one of mine (probably this dress) and wanted one of her own.  Isn't she cute (minus The Ring face)? 

Thanks to littleladybug706 for becoming my newest follower!


  1. Looks awesome, makes me excited for our trip there next April! You are such a nice aunt to sew for your niece, you both look great (minus The Ring face)!

  2. Glad to be a new follower! I really like that Cynthia Rowley dress! It is perfect for Hawaii!

  3. Hawaii looks like a wonderful place to visit. You west coasters are lucky to be so close. Your Cynthia Rowley dress is perfect for Hamaii, casually chic, in that wonderful print. You look great! Your niece is cute too. Her dress reminds me that I have been wanting to try shirring. There is a blouse in a recent issue of Burda magazine that has some. I might have to make that next.