Friday, December 24, 2010

Burrito Time.

The Burrito Method for clean-finishing a shirt with a back yoke.

Here it goes:

1)  With right sides together, sew yoke to back.  I like to just baste this seam.  After you baste,  sew the right side of the yoke facing (will be referred to as facing) to the wrong side of the back with regular stitch length.  Now, both the yoke and the facing are attached.  

In the picture below, you are looking at the facing and the wrong side of the back of the shirt.  The yoke and the facing are wrong sides together.

This picture illustrates better how the pieces are attached.

2)  Now attach the front pieces to the yoke, right sides together.  Make sure the front facings or the plackets are finished before you do this step.

In the pictures, the shoulder seams are sewn.  Actually, it is better to pin them in place (or baste if you like).

3) Now its time to fill the burrito.  Open the yoke and facing so the wrong sides are on the table.  Hopefully you can see that both the front pieces and the back piece were rolled up together all the way to where the back is attached to the yokes.  Sorry about the busy fabric, but can you see that the facing is at the bottom of the picture and the yoke with the front attached by pins is that top?

4)  Bring the facing up to yoke at the shoulder seams, enclosing the front and back shirt pieces in the burrito.  The yoke and its facing are right sides together.  Re-pin the shoulder seams so that you are pinning the yoke to the fronts to the facing, in that order from back to front.  Stitch the shoulder seams (5/8in. if home-sewing, 1/2in. if industry sewing).  Make sure you are not accidentally sewing any part of the burrito roll into the shoulder seam.

5)  Gently pull the shirt through the neck hole and, "Voila!" You have a beautifully made shirt!  You should not see SAs at the shoulder seams or the yoke seam.  Hurray!

Hope you find this helpful!  
I wrote this very late last night so if you need clarification, let me know :)

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Thanks for this tute! The photos are really helpful.