Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Why I've Sucked at Blogging...

Hi Everyone!

I schooled School! I going to brag a little because I got straight A's my first quarter.  Even in Sketching.  Yuck!

This is a small part of the reason I've been a sucky blogger these last few months:

Front view.

In my Industry Sewing class, we had to put together a techniques binder and then use those techniques to sew a blouse.  It is a princess seamed blouse with collar and collar stand, faced yoke with foward shoulder seams, and short set-in sleeves with sleeve placket and gathered to a cuff.  It forced us to use a ton of different techniques, but wasn't that difficult to make.  I did most of it in class (therefore no process pictures were taken).  

Back view.

Sleeve placket and cuff.

Undercollar and collar stand.

Repeat picture.

Back yoke (with strange threads hidden inside. weird.

I think the coolest thing about making this was the yoke "burrito" method to clean finish the inside. No hand stitching was done on the blouse.  All exposed seams were overlocked.  There was a ton of topstitching.  I lost 2 points only because one cuff was not equal in width on either side (it didn't match up by less than 1/8th of an inch!)  

Most of my time this quarter was spent sketching though. I may post some before and after sketches, but my teacher still has my best ones because he wanted to show some student work in a departmental meeting and I never got them back.  

I'm on break now and have been sewing Xmas presents like crazy! I'm a sewing machine!  Hahaha. I'm tired.  

I'm finally going to post pictures of how to do pinless curved seams (once I get a tripod set up),  and the coolest, easiest method for inset corner seams.

I'm going to show you (to the best of my ability) how the burrito yoke roll works, my Dad's finished Hawaiian style shirt, my sis's cardiwrap, and a behind-load of pjs and doll clothes.  

You must hold me to these promises.  

Also new Follower thank you's!

Thanks Virginia and Michelle.  

I love Michelle's blog, Cheap and Picky.  She was one of the first bloggers I started to follow well before I started blogging.  Always full of useful tips and tricks like sewing with slippery charmeuse. Vote for her wardrobe at the PR contest!

Pearl says  "Leave me alone, I was sleeping!" and "Hi" too.


  1. Nice job on the grades and the blouse! Have a great holiday!

  2. Congrats on your grades!! And Pearl looks so sweet!