Saturday, May 22, 2010

Flickr, Picassa, What???

Do any of my 4 or 5 readers (hehe, I'm lame!) have any suggestions about what photo hosting site I should use? I'm internet/html challenged and I've been having a hard time getting the flickr site to work (get the right size of picture up on my screen. I also like how people can post pictures in the middle of their text like Karen does. I guess I'm just not liking how my blog is looking with regards to the whole picture thing. I think I may just beg the wonderful online sewing community bloggers to give suggestions in their comment sections. I know that in time I will figure this all out, but for now it's driving me crazy.

And now a picture of Pearl!

She blows me away....


  1. which version of blogger do you use?
    Mine has pop up window that happens when I up load photos directly to blogger. It let's me choose my size (small to extra lrge) and if I want to text wrap I simply choose a right or left selection instead of the center.

    email me if you need more info.