Friday, May 28, 2010

I have a Follower!

Lame, I know. But I have a Follower!!!!! Thanks GwenSews!


So jealous of your stash..... :)


And now a rant about my sewing machine.

A few weeks after I write a sewing machine review on Pattern Review praising my Brother NX-250 for its consistent stitches, it decided to crap out on me. Geez! I have the poorest stitch quality and tension now. I have changed needles, rethreaded my machine, cleaned it the best I could, oiled it, changed out the bobbin, etc etc. and the stitches keep changing lengths as I sew. I haven't been able to finish my Cynthia Rowley dress (2406) because of it. (Also, I am a moron and attached one side of the facing to the back with the facing right side to th
e back piece wrong side. With the horrible stitch quality, it was like picking out a satin
stitch in some areas. I didn't notice right away because the fabric right and wrong side are similar so I even understitched. I picked it out, but it's not pretty. I also just started quilting my first quilt and I can't get the stitches even. It's driving me bonkers! I don't want to spend more money on this machine so I tried to follow the tutorial that Kristine of Just Keep Sewing posted about sewing machine maintenance. My machine is newer than the example given on YouTube so I couldn't even get the machine apart. I guess I'll have to spend $80 to get it repaired.

But enough of my complaining....Here is a picture of Pearl! (because I still need to take pictures of my clothes!) She was not feeling well that day.

Hope this picture makes you giggle too.

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  1. Machines can be very frustrating. Hope yours gets in good working order soon! I love your Pearl. I had a Yorkie for 18 years. He ran the house!