Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A cool thing I learned at Industry Secrets!

No tutorial pictures...Sorry. I just don't think you need them. (If you do though, I'll post some).

 I learned something really simple, and I might even say life-changing in my sewing class at FIDM.  It was sort of a "duh" moment. You know, the "Why didn't I think of that?" portion of class.

My instructor told us that when backstitching, instead of stitching from the top 1/4in., then reversing 1/4in., and then continuing forward with the seam, we should start 1/4in. from the top, reverse to the end and then continue forward.  This way:

1) It is faster and more efficient
2) It has practically the same locking effect as the "forward, backward, forward" method
3) It is easier to pick out if necessary
4) It actually creates a lot less bulk in the seam

At the end of a seam, go all the way to the end and just reverse 1/4in.  You do not need to stitch forward to the end.

I hope this made sense.

Cool, huh?


Thanks to Angie and Alethia for becoming my most recent followers!  A special thanks to Alethia for her comment on using an industrial machine.  I have been practicing and it is not as hard as it had been.  I appreciate the encouragement (and now I want an industrial machine of my own!)

I think it's time to bust out this gem of a picture.
Yes, Pearl is SEW CUTE!


  1. That is a really great tip!

    I've sort of been doing this unconsciously after finding that my sewing machine ate stretch fabrics at the start of the seam! Now I will remember to do it for all fabrics.

  2. I have been doing this also. Once in a while my fabric tended to try and bunch up at the beginning of a forward sewn seam and starting to sew a quarter of an inch inside the fabric edge then back stitching eliminated that. I never really thought of it as a "technique", but it certainly is. I should do that all of the time.

    Jillie and Andy are waving at cutie pie Pearl!