Thursday, October 14, 2010

My New Toy!

The shears FIDM "gave" me!  They are ARSuper SS 526-As.  The only place I can find them online is here.  They are AMAZING! These scissors are so smooth and cut like buttah.  I'm a lefty and they even work for me.  My favorite part about them is the logo though. It says ARS and has a little crocodile biting the S.  A little crocodile bitting an ARS-e.  Yes, yes, I know I'm immature.  The one thing that makes me sad about these shears is we are forced to cut the marker out a certain way: 

1) Lay down blue dot paper or brown butcher block paper.
2) Lay down 2 layers of fabric (muslin in this case) aligning the selveges along the straight edge of the paper.
3) Place marker on top (a marker is basically sheet of paper with all the pattern pieces on it)
4) Pin and then cut through ALL 4 layers....INCLUDING THE 2 SHEETS OF PAPER!

I hope my beautiful new shears don't die!


  1. I heard at the expo one year (from an "industry expert") that cutting paper will NOT kill your shears, that's it's an old wives tale to keep the kids' and hubby's mitts off of your nice sewing scissors. If I'm wrong, then a re-sharpening will fix it. They look beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  2. It looks like you have some great classes --- hope they are going well. Cool shears!

  3. uuuuu looks dangerous in one way, but it´s really usefull! ;)
    like your blog!