Saturday, October 9, 2010

First Day of Classes

On Wednesday, I had my very first day of classes.  First up was my History of Costume class.  In case you all wanted to know, the textbook I am using is:

The book is very comprehensive and so far easy to read.  I really like my instructor too.  I have tons of reading to do, open-book (easy!) quizzes almost every week, a midterm, a final, and a notebook project where I have to type out my lecture notes and find images in current fashion magazines that are influenced by various costumes throughout history.  Overall, I think it will be a very useful and informative class.  

My next class was Color and Design Theory.  This class is very similar to the art class I had in High School.   Very hands-on with lots of painting projects.  It will be good to be reintroduced to color and design theory.  I think it will come pretty easily for me because my HS classes (7 and 8 years ago!) really focused on these two subjects.  My first assignment deals with creating shades and tints.  We are to take the 4 gouache paint colors and add white and black to them to create shades and tints.  I did a very similar project to this in HS using acrylic paint.  It will be fun to get back into painting.  Oh, and if you are curious, here is the text book for this class.  

Overall, it was a good day.  Not nearly as stressful as Orientation.  I met some really cool people too.  

I have my Business and Sketching classes on Monday. I fear Sketching!  I can draw clothes pretty well on croquis, but can't draw the figures themselves.  Everyone says I will be amazed at how good I get by the end of the quarter.  I can't wait until my Industry Sewing class on Tuesday!  

On another note,  Follower thank yous!

My newest followers on Blogger are Valerie and Susan.  Also, Ashley of NellieK.  Like me, she loves Cynthia Rowley!  

Thanks for following and thanks to everyone who continues to comment on both Blogger and Pattern Review.  

What the heck... Here's a new picture of Pearl:

Pearl half-way into her striped onesie. 

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