Thursday, April 7, 2011

McCall's 5753 V-Neck Dress

While I was on vacation in Northern California, I spent 3 days at the UC Davis Craft Center. I visited with friends and worked on the dress (now OOP).  I'm so happy that I got to see friends, but it definitely slowed down the construction.  Of course I brought way too much to accomplish, and only finished the dress.  Here it is:
My styling is horrible(shoe choice).  I had a limited selection as I was on vacation.
 I'm relatively happy with the results.  (I'm such a perfectionist so when things don't line up absolutely perfectly, I get a little annoyed).  This is the first fitted dress of a woven material that I made!  I tend to make and wear knits because I have a hard time fitting wovens on my body.  The fabric is a cotton/spandex sateen ($1/yd. woohoo!) and the dress is fully lined with bemberg rayon (the instructions call for lining the bodice only).  The dress lining is a first for me as well.  I didn't use the directions, but used the Slapdash Sewist's tutorial.  I already knew the basics of lining, but needed a quick reminder on which seams to leave open.  The problem I found with this method was that it is difficult to fit.  The side seams are sewn after the lining is installed.  Even though I made a muslin that fit, for some reason, after I sewed the side seams, the dress was too big. I had to completely unpick it and take it in.  I took a total of 2 inches from the underarm seam tapering to nothing at the fullest part of my hip so I still have a "1/2inch pinch" of ease that the fullest part.   All of the other adjustments are here.
The front.

The back.
I decided to handpick the zipper (another first for me!). I didn't find it difficult, but I got lazy because I was chatting with friends and decided I didn't need to baste the zipper in first. I only pinned it.  This caused the zipper to pull a little in certain areas and you can see the zipper teeth :( No one really should notice this though because of the print and the zipper doesn't really look bad.  I also hand stitched the lining to the zipper to finish and blind catch-stitched the hem.

 On my vacation I also went skiing in Tahoe(weeee), and went to the Alameda Flea Market.  I bought NOTHING :( except a falafel and the yummiest mini donuts I've ever had in my entire life!  I saw Mena from The Sew Weekly from a distance.  I recognized her by her dress.

Also, my sewing friend made me the the most beautiful woven scarf. I'm definitely sharing pictures as soon as it dries (I just washed it to full it a little bit).

School just started back up again today and I'll have a report shortly. I love my textile science class!  I've already learned so much in just 3 hours!  I'm going to be doing a lot of blogging this weekend I think :)

Finally, THANKS to my newest followers Lindsey and Jen of Sew Frugal & Fashionable!


  1. That dress is absolutely gorgeous!! The fabric is wonderful. It looks like it could have been bought at a fancy store like Neiman Marcus.

  2. LOVE this print. And I'm so glad you chose this sleeveless, simple design to show it off...any fussy extras would have ruined it. Well done!

  3. Great looking dress! I love the print.

  4. That's an awesome dress. I love the big, bold print. Beautiful for a summer's day-or night.

  5. This is really really beautiful. You did a great job, the fit looks wonderful and I LOVE that fabric :)