Friday, June 17, 2011

Bad Blogger

I know, I know! I haven't been around, but I have been reading and commenting!  School FINALLY ended and I have a 3 week vacation.  Woohoo! The last two weeks were a little rough, but I survived and am pretty sure I did really well :)

To catch up, remember when I said I made this shirt:

Well here is my version:

Not the best, not the worst.  I have nothing to wear with it!  This is the best I could come up with and it needs a belt.  I lack accessories.  I made the short version, because I am on the shorter side, and the tunic was way to long and looked awkward when I tissue fit it.  

I think the fit is pretty good.   I added shoulder darts for a little more room in the back for my prominent shoulder blades/beginning of a hunch back.  I also did a significantly large sloping shoulder adjustment.  

My mom bought me these really pretty glass buttons to go with the shirt at an expensive little designer fabric boutique in Newport Beach.  Beautiful fabrics well out of my price range. I have seen similar designers on Emma One Sock or Gorgeous Fabrics for a fraction of the cost.    The buttons were expensive, but I think the shirt is a lot prettier with them.  The chambray was $3 at a rummage sale for over 3 yards. So the price balanced out in the end.  

Tried to get a detailed shot of the buttons....The placket is actually straight and so is the topstitching.  Its not nearly as wiggly as the picture portrays.  

Is it a keeper, or a wadder?  I'm definitely keeping the buttons!

Oh, and I mentioned I found my first doll I ever made....Here is the ugly little thing:

I  think the doll was part of a pantyhose doll kit. I used a pair of my mom's old panty hose, some random scraps of fabric that must have been in the kit, the ugly fuzzy hair, and barbie shoes that I sewed through.  I remember the plastic was very hard to get the needle through.  I believe I made this doll after seeing much better versions at a doll show.  I was obsessed with Ren and Stimpy, hence the ugly mole.  The doll is now in the trash now that I have a picture.  It was really too hideous to keep, but I thought I would document probably my first sewing experiment (at least that I can remember).  

I'm going to try to keep posting throughout the weekend! Lots of stuff to share. 


  1. The shirt details are great. Cool thong to find the doll you made.

  2. I quite like the shirt with the skirt you are modelling. The detailing adds interest.

  3. I want this shirt. That is all.