Friday, June 24, 2011

Name that Sewing Machine?

Nine months ago my mom and I went to a church rummage sale and brought home two lovely vintage sewing machines, but we know nothing about them!  They were just too pretty to pass up.

The first is a Model DST Deluxe Streamliner straight-stitch machine, made by Matsushita in Japan:

Here's the original manual.  It does not even name the machine, the date, or anything about the manufacturer:

It even came with a universal darner:

 The second machine is a Queen? zigzag machine made by the Speedmaster Sewing Machine Corp. in Holland.  There is even less info on this machine.  I couldn't find anything like it online.  Actually, I can't find anything on either machine online.

Both machines work, just a little dirty and need some T.L.C.  I haven't used either one since I got them!  The Queen machine needs a new bobbin winder wheel because it is worn down and it doesn't make contact well with the balance wheel when you push down on the "PUSH" lever.  

If ANYONE can give me some info on these machines it would be greatly appreciated.  Any and all comments are welcome.  I really would like to know what I have.  Any resources you can point me toward?  Does anyone have one of these machines or know how much the are worth?

Thanks Readers!

On a sewing note, I finished the dirdl and have a post 1/2 written.  Just need the Boyfriend to take pictures! He'll be here tomorrow! Hooray!  Also have a Sorbetto 1/2 sewn.  Maybe I'll get it finished tomorrow and I can cut out the top of V1247.  


  1. Hey, check out the vintage Japanese sewing machine group on Yahoo: . They have some resources that may help.

    A lot of the Japanese machines were made for department stores, etc, so there are a lot of ones out there that are basically the same but with different names, which makes them very hard to search for. And OMG, I friggin' love the Queen! I know I've seen ones with that basic body design before, but that is an especially nice one, and the name's perfect. I hope you can get them into a usable state!

  2. Have you started sewing on these yet? I saw the Matsushita one on CL locally.

  3. the super streamliner is made by brother. all the parts everything is brother but brother use to let other companies put their name on it i have on just like that but it say's modernhome on the front

  4. I also have one almost exactly the same however it says good housekeeper on the side, and the R button is round and white plastic and the up and down buttons are round and white plastic. i dont know alot about sewing and tryed to find info on how to thread it but i am not having any luck...any ideas?

  5. I have a similar DST model from the thrift store. I would be willing to pay you to copy your manual and send me it because I can't figure out how to thread mine! It was completely frozen up when I got it and my son and I were able to get it running after spraying it and letting it sit for a day in lubricant. I just oiled it really well and it sounds wonderful! I just wish I could figure out how to thread it. LOL

    1. I'll let you know if I can find the manual. It's somewhere at my mom's house. It may be tricky to find.

    2. I have the same DST Streamliner model and have found an exact match online that is badged "Elgin" I bought mine at Goodwill with a nameplate on it as well. I would like to find a manual too! Someone told me that stores and companies would order them without and then put their store name or other name on it when they arrived here from Japan.