Sunday, June 9, 2013

A little bit of Home Dec.

After I moved,  The Boyfriend and got a lot of new furniture and set up the apartment.  My favorite new piece of furniture was my couch and I was super excited to make my own throw pillows.  I drafted a very simple pillow case with a square for the front and 2 overlapping rectangles for the back so I could easily remove the pillow and wash the cases.  I decided it would be fun to break in my brand new serger I got for my birthday (back in January) to construct the pillows.  My new serger is a Babylock Imagine.  It works so well.  I love how easy it is to use and the feet are really cool also.

The fabric is a vintage barkcloth-like fabric I got at an estate sale my mom and I stopped at on a whim after seeing a sign on the side of the street.  I was originally going to use it for dining room chair covers, but decided to use it for pillows instead.  One day, if I have a kitchen with a small window over the sink, I will use the rest to make a curtain.  I thought it would be cool to pipe around the pillow and found the perfect red-orange vintage piping in the stash.  Unfortunately, I did not have enough for both pillows. I went to Joann's to try to find a match, but the red piping there was not a close match.  I chose a light lime green instead.

Like I said, I used the serger to make the pillows.  The piping foot is awesome.  It worked perfectly!

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