Monday, June 3, 2013

Birthday Shirt for the Boyfriend

The Boyfriend's birthday was at the end of April so I decided as one of his birthday gifts, I would make him a shirt.  I had the fabric picked out since last summer or fall, and was going to make the shirt for Christmas, but ran out of time.  Oh well, he now has a winter shirt just in time for summer.  :-P

I used the Colette Patterns Negroni Shirt again.  Here is the last shirt I made with this pattern.  This time I made the long sleeve version in a beautiful brushed cotton woven plaid.  Another swapmeet purchase for $1.50/yd.  Can you believe that?  If you could feel the fabric through your monitor, I think you would be impressed.

I followed the directions exactly this time, I even felled the sleeves and side seams.  The instructions for doing so are quite good.  Much better than I expected!  I only have two complaints with the pattern.  The first is that the area on the shoulder where the facing joins up with the collar is quite thick and bulky.  I trimmed and graded my SAs, but there is still some bulk.  Second, I think the sleeves are drafted long.  Or the Boyfriend has Tyrannosaurus Rex arms, but I'm fairly certain they are a normal length.  I really should have measured the sleeves beforehand, but I forgot and I also wanted to keep the shirt a surprise.  Every time I worked on the shirt, I meticulously cleaned up so he would not see what I was making.  Because the sleeves are a couple inches too long, he prefers to wear the sleeves rolled.  It looks cute that way, so I don't mind. :)

The cuffs, outer yoke, and pocket are cut on the bias.  I matched up the fronts and sides pretty well, but the sides could be better.  I'm totally pissed that I cut the back piece slightly off grain.  I hate that you can tell because it is a plaid shirt.

Overall, I'm proud of the shirt and the Boyfriend says he loves it.  He's worn it more than I wear my own self-made clothes.

Thanks to my newest Follower, Danette!


  1. What an awesome gift! Love the fit on him. Great colors too. Well done!

  2. Nice work on this shirt. Arms are tricky -- there's so much variety out there. It is always a good idea to measure. As for the shoulder bulk, I've not made this pattern wonder if it might work better with lighter weight interfacing.

    1. As it was a present, I was a little strained for time. I know I should have measured the sleeve and I usually do. Checking Patternreview would have also been helpful.

      I used an interfacing that was compatible with the fabric. Any lighter and there would not have been any reason to use interfacing. The fabric itself has some weight, so that contributed to the bulk. The first time I made the pattern I used a lighter weight fabric and it was not nearly as bulky.