Wednesday, June 2, 2010

An attempt at quilting...

I'm writing this post to take a break from QUILTING! Not just piecing, but QUILTING! (I'm also watching So You Think You Can Dance, my summertime t.v. guilty pleasure.

This past Fall I took a Beginner Quilting class at the Craft Center. I was really excited to learn some new sewing techniques that could possibly enhance my garment construction. I just wanted more practice
I had a butt-load of credit. Well, the teacher was the worst instructor I have ever had. She had nothing planned/prepared, and didn't know how even thread the machines. I could rant for days. I quit the class after 2 days.

This past quarter, I tried taking the class again with a different instructor and the class was great! A perfect introduction to piecing, quilting, and binding. The teacher was really patient and very nice. She had many resources available for us and was very prepared. My only dislike was that she was so nice and helpful that she let other beginning sewing students sew during our class and we had much less space to spread out with our large-ish quilt tops.

From my first nightmare of a class, I had cut out some pieces for what the crap teacher called a basic bento-box block (Hooray alliteration!) I am almost done quilting it. Here is what I had finished as of Sunday.

I also have been working on some pot-holders. I thought that would be a good start to learn how to quilt, and to take some of the blocks that the teacher taught and use them in something other than a sampler quilt.

And because I am terribly over-ambitious, I started the crazy-nine patch lattice quilt from Oh Fransson! I have the blocks pieced, but not squared. I think I'll leave them as is for a while. Another UFO....

There are 27 blocks there, all different! Not loving the color combo really anymore. Oh well.

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