Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Follower Shout-outs from Beautiful Yosemite!


Thanks to everyone who commented on my move and wished me luck!  I actually moved last weekend, came back on Wed to clean my apt. On Saturday the Boyfriend and I drove down to Yosemite! It was my first visit and it was so beautiful.  Perfect cool weather too.  Well, let me get to what I really wanted to talk about:


Thanks for reading and (hopefully) enjoying my sewing and craft blog!

First, I would like to give a shout-out to Shari of Shari Sews.  The last two garments she made are really nice (as are all of them!) A Cynthia Rowley tunic and a Vogue dress. Check out all of her cute creations!

I wanted to get on top of this log, but had some issues so I just posed next to it :)

Also BitterBetty has become an official follower!  When I first started blogging, she gave me some great advice about Blogger.  Her blog is a mish-mash of awesome!  Some vintage sewing, crafts, photoshop fun, giveaways, etc, etc, etc.

The Boyfriend's perfect picture.
Zoe from Deva's Garden became a follower too!  I really admire this blog because Zoe is journalling about her first veggie container garden. I sort of attempted this also this past year at my apt. and was able to grow tomatoes, lots of herbs, and a lone bell pepper.  Her blog has lots of cool tips and recipes for all of your home gardening needs!


Lastly, a big shout-out to Joyce in NC and Taki J. They either do not have blogs or they are  set to private,  but I'd like to thank both of them for following Pearl and I!

The Boyfriend and I in front of a fallen giant sequoia.

I think I will post a few more vertical pictures of Yosemite shortly.  I have to rotate them before I can add them to the blog.

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