Saturday, January 8, 2011

A few more Gifts and Followers

Just a quick post showing you a couple more gifts I made.

First is the doll tutu for the AG Doll:

I cut the pink tulle into strips and then attached them to the ribbon.  Eventually, I will make a leotard.

Also to go with my sister's cardi-wrap, I made a peacock feather fascinator:

Don't know if she likes it, but it was inexpensive and fun to make!  I got the clip and the peacock feather at my local swapmeet and the purple feather base in the L.A. Fashion District back in September.  


Thanks to another Follower, I now have 50!  Yay!  Thanks June! 

I think I'm going to finally have that zipper giveaway! I also found some other unusual zippers that I will add to the pile.  More details to come later:


  1. Rebecca, thank you for your comment about my skirt. I tend to make every project and accomplishment a REALLY BIG DEAL even when it's just a small one like this one. I so wish I could go to fashion design school like you. Please enjoy the experience, we are looking for really big things from you!

  2. I LOVE the pretty peacock feather! I was just reading your profile description and I have to tell you that I am soooooo excited about the fashion school. I'm a Computer Tech student right now, but spend all my time during classes daydreaming of sewing :P I am happy to hear that you are studying something you love, and I look forward to reading your updates and following along on your creative journey! :)