Saturday, January 29, 2011

FIDM: Update

I already posted a little about my first two classes:  Sketching II and Fashion Seminar.  They are both going well, not a big fan of the seminar class, but I've decided that if I can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.  I have my beef with the class, and if you really want to know about it, we can converse privately via email.  My Sketching II class is amazing.  I feel so much more confident and my sketches are improving immensely.

My other classes are Draping and Garment Construction I and Technical Sketching.  I am enjoying both classes, but they are a lot of work!  In Draping, we have to drape three garments; a bias dress, an organza skirt, and a knit cowl top.  We drape on the form, true the seams, transfer the pattern to dot paper, and then make up a the real garment from the paper pattern.  Its the first time I've done any of this, so its quite daunting.  I spent 6.5hrs yesterday re-draping and transferring my pattern to paper, drafting facings and straps.  I now have to make a marker and cut out another muslin, sew it up and have it ready to present by Tuesday.  We also have lots of hand stitching samples due.

The text we use is:

I would recommend the book, but the croquis in it are hideous!  I think there are better draping books out there, but it is a good overall book about couture and couture sewing.

My Technical Sketching class is good as well.  We are now just tracing technical sketches by hand using straight edges and french curves.  We are also designing our own flats and then putting them on croquis. There is so much homework for this class!  I have to draw so much, there is barely time for anything else.
We got this books:
 It's beautiful!

Also a set of flats that I can't find online to show you.  They are in the same series as the 9 Heads books, and I believe they are called 9 Flats.  Technical sketching is really boring, but I'm good at it :)

I have so much homework to do today! And, don't worry Angela, I'm getting the zippers mailed today as well!

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