Thursday, January 20, 2011

Zipperpalooza: an I have 50+ Followers Giveaway!

Hi everyone!  School is in full swing and I'm up to my neck in sketching and journal assignments.  I still haven't talked about my Draping and Construction class or my Technical Sketching class, but that's for a later entry.  Today is ZIPPERPALOOZA!

I'm finally going to giveaway all those funky zippers as a thanks to all my followers!  To enter you must:

1) Be a follower, or have commented before (but not just on CSN Giveaway post!).   If you've been a long time reader, and can't be a google follower for some reason, let me know.  I could make some exceptions.  It's my giveaway, darn it!  New followers are welcome to enter.

2)  It's open to any country as long as shipping is under $8!    I think the most I'll have to pay for First class mail to Europe and Australia is about $7.50.  I can handle that.  I being really lame, but if I find out shipping is more, I'll randomly pick someone else.   I'm sorry, but I'm a poor college student.

3) Tell me what you plan on doing with one or more of the zippers.

I might split up the loot if there are many comments.

I'll let the random # generator pick the winner.

Contest ends next Tuesday January 25th at 8 PM Pacific Time.  :)

Here's the loot:

(Some are duplicate pictures!)  I'm giving away a few  zips in assorted colors (they are so weird! a cross between a regular zipper and an invisible zipper!), a couple rainbow zips in assorted sizes (one is separating), and a couple white zippers with shiny silver teeth!

Good luck!

Pearl helping with my draping project, a bias slip dress!

Thanks Kerry for following me!  Check out her blog!


  1. Oh my goodness... my 4 year old daughter will go CRAZY for the rainbow ones! We just bought some patterns last night at Joann's 99 cent sale for her that they'd be perfect for! (And glad to hear school is going so well! Give my regards to Nick, yet? Haha ;) )

  2. Sign me up for this giveaway. I am a follower. Those zippers are GREAT!!!

  3. Well, pretty sure I've commented before, but I am a google follower. I just like having all the blogs I follow in one place...

    Anywho, pretty sure I started following because of your work I saw on BurdaStyle.

    I've actually been needing some zippers. I want to make my mom and sister some cute skirts, but missing all but cute zippers. I'm also new to sewing clothes, so my eyes are bigger than my time and talent at the moment. :P

  4. I tossing my hat into the ring. I need a bunch of zips for a mini project I'm working on. These would be fab!