Thursday, February 24, 2011

Any Female Golfers out there?

pahr golf activewear

I, along with 2 other partners, have entered into a Cotton Incorporated design contest for active wear.  Our team has chosen golf and we have decided to focus on women's wear because 1) we can draw women better 2) It is easier for us to make clothing for them at this point in our schooling 3) there is a better chance at having more fun with the design, than with menswear.

Are there any female golfers out there that are willing to help me out answering a few questions about what female golfers look for in their golf attire? 

I would like to know things like what brands you wear while playing,  fabrics you prefer to wear, what type of fit is best, any details (like certain pockets or ease) you like in current golf attire or you find missing and really anything you could add to the subject.  

I know this is a sewing and craft blog, but people have hobbies other than sewing, right?  Perhaps, golf???? 

So if you have any insight into the sport and what you think would work in golf fashion, please let me know.  

Thanks Blogland!

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  1. I suppose this is a little late, but here goes anyways! Short sleeves or no sleeves are best and it shouldn't be tight in the shoulders (think about the range of motion required). I prefer no-collar garments but obviously the polo-look is big in the golfing set. Shorts are better than a skirt unless the skirt is made out of something like lycra because you have to be able to stand with your legs somewhat apart. Nothing tight across the abdomen unless it stretches. Lastly, it gets REALLY hot, but it can start out chilly depending on your tee-time.