Saturday, February 26, 2011

Visionaire 58: Spirit

Visionaire #58 "Spirit" A Tribute to Lee Alexander McQueen from viacomit on Vimeo.

Have any of you heard of Visionaire?  I found out about it a few weeks ago and thought I would share.  This is what Visionaire has to say about itself:

“Visionaire is a multi-format album of fashion and art produced in exclusive limited editions.  Each issue is hand-numbered and released as a collector’s item.  Since its inception in Spring 1991, Visionaire has offered a forum for works by both famous and emerging artists from around the world as well as personalities, fashion designers, and image-makers.  Published 3-4 times a year, Visionaire features a different theme and format each season.  Artists work in collaboration with Visionaire to produce their personal interpretations on a theme, and are given unparalleled freedom to push Visionaire’s different formats.”

FIDM has all or most of the Visionaire issues for their students to peruse for research or inspiration. One of the most recent issues, Visionaire #58 is a tribute to Alexander McQueen.  I actually got to touch (with spotless white gloves) this rare edition.  There are only 75 numbered copies.  In this issue, top fashion photographers share images of his work and creative spirit.  The coolest thing in my opinion is that the images are printed on paper embedded with wildflower seeds so they are biodegradeable.  I love the metaphor of resurrection.  When the ornate box is opened an Lady Gaga song plays (on loop).  That was a little annoying, but really cool nonetheless.  Here are a few images I pulled from the net:



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