Friday, February 25, 2011

I know, I know...

Golf Survey! Sorry, its not a sewing post again, but I have to get the word out!

Hey Everyone! If you play golf (preferably women, but men can answer the survey too!) could you fill out this survey and send it back to me?  I have entered a scholarship competition at FIDM to create an activewear line for golf.  The scholarship is sponsored by Cotton Inc. (You know, the fabric of your life!).  This survey is important because if Cotton Inc. likes our ideas, they will be incorporated into future golf wear. So really, as survey takers, you are designing your own, personalized golf clothes!  

If you have time fill out the survey!  

You can cut and copy to an email if that is easier and email me back at

Thanks everyone!

Part I:

Age [13-18, 18-25, 26-30, 31-35, 36-40, 41-45, 46-50, over 50]? 
Income [ballpark please] :
Highest Degree earned:
Location/Climate you play golf in:

Part II:

  1. How often do you golf?
  2. What do you like about the sport?
  3. How do you choose the garments you wear on the golf course? Why? (Based on price, color, style, brand, ect…)
  4. Where do you purchase your golf attire? Why that store?
  5. How much do you spend on golf garments? Do you feel this price is appropriate? If not, please explain.
  6. How much are you willing to spend?
  7. Approximately how many pieces of golf attire do you own?
  8. How often do you purchase new pieces?
  9. Why draws you to a particular golf garment? (Fit, color, print, style, silhouette, functionality, ect...)
  10. What is your favorite golf garment? Why?
  11. What changes would you make to women’s golf apparel?
  12. What would you like to see in women’s golf apparel?
  13.   What aspects are specific to golf clothing that are necessary to play effectively?  For example, do you prefer baggier shirts or more tight fitting stretch tops?  Are skirts more comfortable than skorts?
  14.   I am aware golf attire is eliminating pant pockets because golfers do not put anything in them.  Pant pockets are reduced to one zippered pocket in the middle of your back side.  There you can store an IPhone, credit cards and minimal cash if needed…  Do you like this trend? Do side pocket get in the way? Is there a use for pockets?

Thanks again!

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