Monday, February 28, 2011

I stole my mom's lamp!

Two Christmas's ago I received a new lamp for sewing.

It's ugly as sin, but does the trick.  It sits by my sewing machine because the lighting in the sewing room is awful at night.  My dad's a big fan of CFLs and LEDs which really provide crappy light IMO.   My mom liked my lamp and bought one of her own and now I have stolen it.  Its now down at the dining room table where I sketch.  No pics because my mom would probably kill me if I posted a pick of the distaster I have created in her dining room.  I talked to my friends about it, and it seems that we have all come to a consensus that fashion school creates a hurricane effect in one's home.  But anyways, I digress. has some pretty lamps and other forms of lighting that would surely help you see.  I do wish my lamp was prettier, but its functional.  Maybe I'll get to buy a new one when I finally move out!

How are your eyeballs doing these days?  Any tips/tricks for a brighter sewing/craft space?  What kind of lighting do you use?

Fun lamps at CSN:

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