Monday, September 5, 2011

Anticipating my Quarter Break...

I'm taking a little break from drafting the pattern for my draped "motif" dress design.  I've been working on it for about 8-9 hours now, and I have one piece to go.  I ran out of dot paper and I have to go to my car (which has a flat tire! :( )  to get more.  I think I'll wait until the morning.

Basically the assignment is to find an inspirational travel image and design from it.  I chose a picture of Big Ben in London at night because I have fond memories of walking around the city with a complete stranger, a fellow traveler, my second night in London before my study abroad program started in 2005.  From the image, I have to select a motif or shape.  I chose the clock circle and designed my dress around that.  We have to drape into that motif and it is a pain in the butt.  Oh, I forgot to tell you that we are draping polyester georgette, the most God awful fabric in the world.  Silk is too expensive, so I didn't upgrade, which we were allowed to do.  The dress must have an invisible zipper and be fully lined. I'll take pictures when I have something worthwhile to show.

Anyways, I have a week and a half until my quarter is over (woohoo!) and until then I have two big 'ole projects to finish for my Creative Design Applications class, a pair of shorts to draft cut and sew, this motif dress, and a few random things like sketches, fixing my resume, and putting together a quick portfolio to email to a potential boss.  The 12 piece sportswear design group and the dress is due Wed. and the shorts are due Thursday.  I'm going to cry.  I promise I didn't procrastinate either!

I'm taking this little break to plan out my 3 week sewing for myself and family plan!

1)  I'm hopefully entering in the Pattern Review Costume Contest! I'm going to make doggie outfits again because both dogs need new clothes.  I'll post pictures for sure.  I love dog photo-shoots and I haven't done one in forever.

2)  I owe my sister a bday present or two...I'm going to make her knockoff Michael Starr shirts.  I made a quick pattern from one of her shirts a looong time ago and its time to fix it a bit and make some clothes.  They should be very quick and I already have the fabric selections picked out.

3)  I want to make myself a coat from this pattern and fabric. I blogged about it months and months ago and never had the time to start it.

4) Make my slopers!  I'm going to make an appt. with Sew L.A. to get my measurements taken because I can't do it accurately myself and my two attempts with family and friends have failed miserably.

5)  I would love to make a vintage shirt dress. I muslined out a first attempt at one, but it fit horribly.  I have to try, try again.

6)  A white skirt (screw not wearing white after Labor Day!) to go with my navy and white charmeuse top.

I have about 20 more things to add to this list and its getting depressing because I'll probably only finish the tops for my sister and the dog outfits.

I can dream though, right?


  1. Lists are good for keeping on track but my own lists are quite overwhelming! Love your jacket plans.

  2. I can't wait to see your finished jacket. I have that pattern and have been wanting to see some versions made up. :]

  3. Good luck with all your projects! I have to say, the coat pattern looks just beautiful, and would look amazing on you