Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Wrinkled Hot (Pink) Mess

My last project in my Pattern Drafting class was a pair of shorts.  The requirements were:

1) Must be shortened (ie. not full length pants)
2) Must have rolled up cuffs
3) Must have mock-fly zipper
4) Must have patch pocket

I decided I wanted to make a retro-inspired high-waisted short.  I also wanted to try to get rid of side seams and create a side panel instead.  I saw similar pockets on BurdaStyle and wanted to try something like it.

The fabric is this cheap-o hot pink linen I found at the FIDM Scholarship store for $2/yd.  If you breathe on it, it wrinkles.  A lot!  Don't worry, this is not how I presented them for the critique.  They were pressed very nicely.  I took the pictures after they were folded in the bag.

This is what I came up with:

The pictures suck.  The cuffs ARE even in real life and the back waistline does not tilt like that.  I forgot that I hadn't taken pictures so I threw them back on a mannequin and snapped real quick photos with my phone in a cramped little sewing room full of students trying to finish final projects.  I didn't bother getting them on correctly.  I was so afraid they wouldn't fit, and they didn't, but thank God for linen and its stretchiness.  I stretched the fabric so the zipper would close!

I didn't know how they would turn out when I drafted/designed them.  I wish the inseam would have been shorter and the high waistline not so high, but overall it was a good project and I got 100%.  I think they are ugly, but who cares! They are done! Sometimes I think FIDM teachers grade really easy....oh well.


  1. I'll bet your shorts turned out better than anyone else's. Fashion shorts.

  2. Cute idea for the patch pocket.