Friday, October 28, 2011

1940 Vintage Illustrations

In my Creative Design Analysis and Collection Development class, my instructor brought in a couple of vintage books to share with the class to give us some inspiration and a look at vintage pattern drafting.  One of the books she had was falling apart, but had the most beautiful illustrations in it.  Luckily, I was allowed to scan a few images.  I went down to the Annex, where students have access to a ton of computers, crappy printers, and a couple scanners to scan the images real quick in the middle of class.  No scanners were available and I had to wait.  I got annoyed and nicely told some girl, who was looking at her facebook, NOT SCANNING, to move and that the scanner stations were 15min only.  Facebook, I mean, come on!  She was pissed, but moved anyways, and I got my beautiful illustrations. I think I can scan more next week.

In other news, I'm working on my Red Dress and not loving it or my class. I expected more instruction and feedback on my design, but it seems like the class is more of a free for all. I regret not taking Industry Pattern instead.  I think I would have learned more.  I haven't learned a thing yet in class, just using what I learned from other classes. And the class is a waste of time too.  For the first 3 hours, nothing happens.  It shouldn't take 3 hours to talk about individual designs.  It didn't in my other pattern classes! It's ridiculous.  We spend most of our time wandering around, looking at other people's designs, chatting, or waiting for feedback.  To add insult to injury, there is absolutely no room to work on patterns.  Oh, and we don't get to keep the dresses.  We are paying for fabric with our tuition, but the dresses get donated to the American Heart Association.  Thats all fine and dandy.  I'm all for charity, but the dresses should be auctioned off, not kept crammed in the directors office for YEARS.  I'm not happy about that.
The longer I attend FIDM, the more I would not recommend the school.

On to new Followers!

Thank you:

Ms Hepburn  I think this vintage blog is great!  I was referred here because Ms. Hepburn featured the hat pattern I was inquiring about a few posts back.  It was so weird because I designed my red dress before school started and then found this blog. My dress is very similar to one of the 1930's patterns displayed on the blog!  Her post was almost 2 weeks after I designed my dress, and I swear I had never seen that pattern before!  I should have been a designer in the 30's.

Kimberly, who's been blogging about corsetry and boxers.

Kelsey.  She has a sewing blog, and a tea blog! I heart tea!

I can't believe I have almost 150 followers.  Thanks everyone for following!


  1. Transfer to Pasadena City College. It's a whole lot cheaper and there are a lot of FIDM refugees who graduate from there and like PCC better.

    I love these illustrations! Thank you for sharing them with us. I find it interesting that there would be so much fabric in them given the German occupation of France. Of course, this book was in production before the occupation but it still gives one pause, doesn't it?

  2. Sorry you feel like that about FIDM. :(

    On the flip side, I hope you're getting some great networking contacts from being there. Whenever I was on craigslist looking for internships in nyc, they kept asking for FIT/Parsons students.

  3. Hope you have been able to refocus your talents and energy to more worthy classes. I miss your updates.