Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My First Fall Project: M5525 Purple Pea Coat

Hooray!  I finished my coat yesterday, a day before school started!  Yes, FIDM classes have started again.  Boo hoo.

I didn't take pictures as I went along because there are so many great step-by-step pictures  on the web on how to make a coat and I am no expert.  This was my first, and I'm pretty proud of it.  There were a few minor hiccups along the way.

I really wanted to make a ton of things on my break,  but only managed to make my sister a knit t-shirt for her birthday last June ( forgot to take pictures of her in it) and hemmed a pair of The Boyfriend's jeans.  And the coat of course.  I still owe my sister a dress and have to hem more pants.

Including the 2 muslins, the coat took about a week.  I didn't work on it every day and I took FOR-E-VER cutting out the coat.  That took a couple of days.  Then I sewed the lining in a night.  It took 2 more days to put together the coat.  Last night I finished the coat by making self-fabric covered buttons using vintage button kits, buttonholes and sewing on the buttons.

The Boyfriend took pictures today, but I CAN'T FIND THE CORD THAT TRANSFERS PICTURES FROM MY CAMERA TO MY COMPUTER.  It disappeared like yesterday!  UGG.  So I can't show you pictures just yet!

I'm really bummed out, but when I find the cord I'll post ASAP.

Sorry for the picture-less post.  

Thanks to Nicole A for becoming my newest Blogger Follower.  Her blog is here. :)

Pearl in Pants!

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