Thursday, October 13, 2011

The FIDM adventure begins...again...

Thanks for all the coat comments.  The weather heated up and I haven't even had a chance to wear it.  It's too darn hot!  Tomorrow it is supposed to be almost 100 degrees.  All my new Fall/Winter clothes are sitting lonely in my closet.

School started again last week and I'm already pooped.  This is my second to last quarter, but I wish it was my last.  Most of the other Professional Designation students are done this quarter, but I chose to take it easy and take 4 classes/quarter instead of 5.  Oh well, at least I get to use the Trend forecasts and the free printing a little longer.

This quarter I'm taking Creative Design Analysis and Collection Development.  This class is basically the same as my other class Creative Design Applications last quarter, but with fewer projects, more tech packs, line sheets, and cost sheets.  I also get to use the computer instead of hand draw all my technical flats.  We only have 2 assignments all quarter, a 12 piece group for a brand, and a 36 piece collection for our own hypothetical line.  This week we broke into groups and decided on a brand that we would design for.  My group chose Kate Spade (Hooray! It was my first choice).  We each have to design a 12 piece group for Kate Spade based on a common theme.  I'm kind of excited about this one, but the work won't be all that much fun.  The teacher seems nice and informative, but she is very, very repetitive.  I've already had 2 classes and she has told the same story about 6 times.  Its going to be a very long quarter.

I'm also taking Computer Pattern Drafting I.  In that class we use the Gerber software to draft patterns.  So far it is too easy.  I really want to be challenged, but when I finished the cuff in about 5 minutes (the first time) I asked my instructor what to do next and he said do it again.  The next time it took 1 minute.  Yes, it is a rectangle, but still some students couldn't figure out the program.  The great thing about class is that there is NO HOMEWORK!  Just minor studying for quizzes and midterms.

My last class is the Red Dress Special Project.  I applied and found out about my acceptance at the end of last quarter.  I get to design, pattern, and construct a dress from exquisite (hopefully) fabrics and then the dress gets donated to the American Heart Association.  I was unaware about the donation part.  I understand it is for charity, but so far in the last 5-7 years (I'm not sure) the dresses from the class have been sitting in an awful storage facility or the office of the head of the Fashion Dept.  It is one thing to auction them off, its another thing to hoard them.  If they aren't going to do anything with the dress, I'm going to want it back.  I'm paying for it.  Rant ended....
So far the class is going well. I'm not loving my group.  We all have different design aesthetics.  They obviously don't like my aesthetic, and I really don't like some of theirs.  I was nice though, unlike some people in my group.  Ugg, another 9 weeks.  I'm going to make what I want, even if my group doesn't like my designs.

This quarter, I received very few new supplies.  No new textbooks.  It makes me leery about how they calculated the $5000 supply fee....I'm going to ask about that this quarter for sure.

Once my Amazon Widget starts working again, I 'm going to post my previous textbooks that I like and highly recommend.

And Finally thanks to my newest followers!

Mellacita, Scared Stitchless, Carol, Sunitha, and Doobee64.

Baby Pearl almost 4 yrs ago in a crocheted dress I made for her.

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  1. Hello I stumbled upon your blog when I was researching about the FIDM professional desgination program. I've been wanting to go there for years but don't know if it's worth the expense. I would love to hear your feedback. Thank you!