Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My "Bjork swan fluffy-butt" skirt

    It's done (well except for the closures).  The hems suck and a pinked all the circle flounce thingies. I really don't know what to call them.  I spent HOURS on this crazy "avante-garde" skirt.  I'd much rather be sewing for me.  The skirt does fit me, but I would never wear it in public except on Halloween and you can't sit in it! Hehe!
    I had to draw inspiration from a bunch of pictures selected by myself and 2 other classmates.  I pretty much did what I wanted and then related it back to the pictures. That's not entirely true. I had an idea going into it of what I wanted to do, and then adapted my idea to include the "curveball" picture inspirations.  I felt like I was on Project Runway.


My Teacher:  "By the way, you have to draw inspiration from these pictures.  Do a couple sketches....Ready...Set...Create!"


So here it is...its better than before, but I'm not proud.

PS.  Avoid Polyester Organza at all costs.  The fabric sucks and it leaves strands and shreds of shiny fibers everywhere.  I should have worn a respirator.


  1. I love the name you gave your skirt. It looks much better than Bjork's swan outfit--It is gorgeous!!!

  2. It looks a lot better than some of the stuff I've seen on the Academy Awards. Great concept.