Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Burda Magazine Creation! 09-2010-121

I decided to go simple.  Very simple.  I had never traced a pattern from the BurdaStyle Magazines (even though I have collected a few) and thought 3 pieces should be my limit.  I swear, I went cross-eyed for a bit.

I made the BurdaStyle Magazine: 09-2010-121 (Turtleneck Top).

I know it's Spring in some places, and it was Spring here last week, but this week is cold and windy.  Plus I'm going up north for a few days and may go skiing (there should be snow!) so this top will actually get worn.  

I traced the pattern out one night weeks and weeks ago when I should have been doing sketching homework or working on my stupid folio.  (P.S. I survived another quarter and it's SPRING BREAK!)  After I traced it, it sat and waited.  It's a stormy day here in SoCal. so I decided it was time to cut it out and stitch it up.  I just picked a thin jersey knit with some stretch from my stash that I got for $1/yd at one of the swapmeets I frequent.  I really didn't have a plan for this fabric, so I'm calling this top a wearable muslin.  I think I could have gone with a little bit more stretch, but it fits comfortably.  I'm not really loving how it turned out.  I need to take it in a little at the sides and the turtle neck is droopy (probably from me pulling it on and off a bazillion times trying to figure out if it was on backwards).     Because it was so thin, I serged all the seams and used a double needle for the hems.  I took some ease out of the sleeve cap and cut 3 inches off the sleeve length and didn't add a hem allowance because I didn't think I wanted a bunched-up-sleeve look.  I sewed the sleeves in flat.  

My biggest pet peeve with the shirt has nothing to do with the drafting or instructions.  

I HATE SERGER THREAD.  It always makes me itchy.  I have to wash the garment a couple times to soften the thread otherwise all the seams itch.  Is that weird?  Maybe I should use wooly nylon in my upper and lower loopers from now on......

Here I am in the my turtleneck.  I think It would look better with less ease in a stretchier knit with better recovery.  

I feel like I made a Land's End shirt.  Not to bash Land's End, its just not quite my style.  I really don't like the fit.  I bought a turtleneck for xmas, and the xs was huge.  I could definitely take this top in on the sides some.  


  1. Very cute top, I like the funnel neck. :)


  2. I like it on you - and to be honest, I don't like my Burda efforts so far - maybe I don't have a European figure. I prefer Vogue, Colette and Kwik Sew patterns so far (I'm not sure yet about Hot Patterns or Jalie!). . . I think it's nice - but I know what you mean - I'm not sold on Burda yet either.