Monday, March 21, 2011

UFO: Finally Revealed!

So in my first quarter, I started this top (instead of doing homework):

Burda Young Fashion 7678.

I'd been wanting to try this pattern for a long time and had a different fabric in mind.  I made view A.  I basically finished the top and hated it.  First, the shoulder seam support tape? (I'm tired and can't think of the correct name) was itching the heck out of my left arm.  Also, the top was ridiculously long and UGLY! And, the neck binding was all wonky.  I decided to be cool and do it my way instead of following the instructions (bad idea this time).

This top was a wadder, but I kept it thinking I could fix it.  It sat for months in the corner of my room haunting me.  "Fix me, Fix me!"  it called.  I turned in the neckline one more time and topstitched. Pressed the itchy seam toward the garment, not my body (I also had to redo the sleeve hem because the seam was stitched into the hem the wrong way), and I lopped off 6 5/8" (6" + s.a.) and 5/8" from the bottom band.  It turned out so much better. I think it might be wearable now.  Might be....

What do you think?  I feel like a lacy Charlie Brown.


  1. Hey, I need your help. I sew the top now.
    Just one question: Do I have to sew the seam at the Neckline with a twin needle?

    Yours truly has become great.

    I think it would be great if they would answer me.
    Best wishes Lena