Monday, July 18, 2011

FIDM Frustration #1

Since I've heard from some of you about wanting to hear about my school experiences, I will continue to write about it in short bits.  I'm too busy to write long posts so I'll write quick installments when I have time or feel like procrastinating.

So one reason for my breakdown last week was I learned from my new pattern teacher that my slopers are all wrong even though they were graded and approved by my previous teacher.  While the measurements are correct, the shoulder slope measurement (shoulder tip to CF) is off by a 1/2" which throws off the entire balance (even though it technically balances to all my other slopers!!!!!) It's hard to explain, but I hope you kind of get what I'm saying.  So I'm frustrated and PISSED OFF! because I have to redo 10 weeks of work in a week and a half or I will continue to get bad grades this quarter because my previous teacher screwed me over.  I feel like I was completely mislead last quarter and I question everything I learned.  Unfortunately, I have my former pattern drafting instructor for draping again this quarter.

  I've been working on a contoured dress in pattern drafting with my F'ed up sloper.  It does not fit well on this dress form because it is a different size and manufacturer but you can get the idea.  Hopefully it will fit the other form like a glove!

Here are the rules for the draft.

Using the contour bodice block:

Draft Sleeveless, low Surplice Bodice
Must have some sort of Empire Waistline
Must have some sort of stripes matching on a seam line somewhere
Skirt must be gathered or circle skirt.

We had to just draft and sew the bodice for the first fitting and to see if we want to make any design changes.

Here is the Portrait dress.  I thought of ornate picture frames and wanted to frame the back and maybe highlight a beautiful chunky necklace:

Pardon the bra.  It helps it fit better on this form.


  1. Hi Rebecca!

    Sorry about your troubles....
    If you're using a form in your class, is it possible to drape the sloper on this year's form, make the adjustments, and then fix all your slopers that way? Maybe take the basic adjusted sloper, trace it onto plastic transparent stuff, and then check the adjustments on anything that's based on your basic sloper?


  2. So, either your first instructor didn't check your work accurately, or she comes from a different school of thought. Either way, I can understand why are are totally angry. Still, you have to do this and move on. Remember your goal.

  3. You are working so hard, but I for one am proud of you. I think it's such a great opportunity to attend design school. Each part of it is still a learning experience. I'm plugging for you.

  4. Love the back of your design.

  5. Wow so I just googled broadcloth circle skirt and this picture came up.
    I agree with Gail ^
    Your design is beautiful