Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Quarter, New Classes

Just started my 4th quarter at FIDM.  I'm taking 4 classes again.  Trying to keep it a little less stressful so I can put more effort into each class.   My first class was Pattern Procedures, the second pattern drafting course.  I'm a loser and totally forgot to bring my slopers to class! Luckily, my teacher was really cool and didn't seem to mind because I took the initiative to make mini slopers before class started so I could still participate.  A lot of students forgot stuff, but I can't believe I was so lame.

Class started with a creative exercise with playdoh.  It was cute, not too exciting.  Someone picked a type of music (we had teen pop, a movie soundtrack, and classic rock) and then a theme (toys, weather, transportation).  We had to sculpt with both the music and theme in mind.  It would be fun to do with kids.  Next we got our supplies.  Nothing new except for some ugly striped fabric and a small cartoon book about the manufacturing process.   I don't think it will really apply to home sewing.

Next we had a review of our slopers, which I didn't have, haha.  All my slopers were approved by my teacher last quarter so hopefully they will work out well for this quarter and my clothing will fit properly on the mannequin.

We then learned about the contour bodice block.  Using our pattern book, we adapted our slopers to contour slopers.  Basic slopers have enough wearing ease added to the pattern so that one can move around, sit, bend, drive, etc.  Contour bodice slopers are made for fitted, sleeveless, or strapless garments.  If you do not take out the extra ease, the garment will gape at the neckline and armscyes.  Not a good look!

We also made a marker in class as a group of 4 students and wrote out a sewing sequence for a skirt that was on display.   In our next class we are starting to design a sleeveless surplice bodice dress with an empire waistline and either a gathered or circle skirt attached.  Still need to decide how I want to design it.

I'm also taking a photoshop that is a complete joke.  I figure that if I can't say anything nice, I won't say anything at all so you probably won't be hearing about that class.

Taking another Draping class and a Creative Design Applications class as well.  More all all those later.

Honestly, I started this post a week ago and now I'm just finishing it, but so much has happened in the week including 2 days of a stressful mental breakdown.  I've never been this stressed out on the first week of school. . . EVER! Don't think I'll be getting straight A's again.  Something I'm going to have to learn to accept.

Thanks to two new Followers!  Justine of Sew Country Chick (Former FIDM grad) and Mak Teh.


  1. Hope you blog your school adventures. I love reading your posts about design school. And I'm willing to bet you're going to do just fine this semester.

  2. I really appreciate your posts about school. I am wondering if your stress is from actually having to create from scratch. I know I would be. For all the beautiful things designers create, I am always in awe of how they continue to come up with new creations. Hope things get better for you this week.