Friday, July 29, 2011

FIDM Frustration: #4 I Can't Get No Sleep!

No sleep = bad grammar and a very, very grumpy girl.

Oh, and also a pretty dress that I love and am so proud of.  :) I designed, drafted, and sewed it.  It was a two week project, but the majority of the work was done the night before :(

Unlike my draping class from hell, I really enjoy my pattern drafting class.  My previous post has pictures of the muslin and the requirements for the first garment we had to make for my drafting class.  Two nights ago, at 4am, I finished the dress.  That night I got only 1 hour of real sleep, a few minutes in the car ride to school, and mere seconds on the icky train ride home.  I couldn't help it! I kept dosing off.  

The only thing I didn't finish was the zipper, which was not required and I plan to install one when I get the dress back.  I think it will fit my sister too.  

The fabric is a vintage cotton/poly blend flocked dotted swiss gigham.  Wow, that was a mouthful!  Thanks textiles class!  It is fully lined (my first time fully lining anything, and doing it the right way!)  with a white cotton/poly broadcloth.  I used this awesome burrito method to line the dress. I'll take pictures of the lining next week.  The bodice pieces, waistband and skirt are lined separately, but when attached there are no exposed seams and everything is enclosed in the waistband.  Pretty awesome!

What do you think, 7" exposed zipper, or invisible zipper?


  1. Invisible zipper, and please show us the lining! The dress is wonderful, but I always drool over the neatly finished inside, hope to see the lining soon. Good job!

  2. That is a gorgeous dress. It has a vintage vibe to it. I would use an invisible zip. So pretty.

  3. Without question, INVISIBLE. Sweet dress.

  4. I LOVE the back of the dress! And the gathering in the front is so beautiful!

  5. How this I miss this post? Great dress, can't wait to show it to my daughter who wants a new summer dress.