Saturday, April 14, 2012

Worst Blogger: Follow up to "Bad Blogger"

Sorry everyone! I suck at life, and blogging apparently.  School's over! I'm a graduate...again.  I've been piddling around for almost a month now trying to recuperate and psych myself up enough to sew for myself and look for jobs.  I absolutely hate looking for a new job.  It's quite scary, isn't it?  I'm almost ready to jump in head first!

Thanks to all of you who stuck by the blog even when I was absent.  And all the new followers!  I haven't forgotten you either!

Thanks to:

Sarah and her singing chihuahua
Debi from My Happy Sewing Place...Love the Marlene suit!!

I'm still reading blogs, but rarely commenting.  So sorry.

I sewed many gifts for xmas, one of which, a long sleeve, button-down shirt for my dad, I just finished.  Hahaha! Thanks FIDM for giving me no time to work on presents for my family until after term.  :-/

So I have xmas presents to blog about, the shirt, and the 1969 skirt I just made and have to post on Pattern Review for the contest.  The skirt will be first.

Pearl misses you guys too!

Pearl really enjoys reading...


  1. Awww I just peeped in on your blog yesterday just to check up on ya!!!

  2. thanks for the mention girl! great to see that my haphazard blogging is not in vain! i've been slackin on posting AND reading too so i just stumbled upon this and it made me soo happy! hope to see more from you soon. we can both get back on our blogging grind! <3