Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Awesome! but no pretty pictures.... :(

All of a sudden, I got a huge jump in followers and I couldn't figure out why?  Were people commiserating with me on my failed drape?  Do you really like the pooey references to my work?  I didn't think so.

Well, Burdastyle featured my French Bias Binding tutorial on their weekly email newsletter!  Hooray!

I hope all the new followers enjoy the blog and I hope I have time(!) to post some new sewing tutorials!

I really want to do one on:

Dart manipulation

A cool and different way to do a FBA


Hopefully one day....

I'm currently procrastinating a HUGE Creative Design Applications project.  I'll be up until 3 am I'm guessing.

Next time....A follower shout-out and thank you!

 You can still enter to win this pattern.  Everyone is welcome to name that dress!


  1. I see that when you do the French bias, you leave one shoulder seam unstitched. Do you apply the binding, then sew the remaining shoulder seam, and then turn the bias to the RS and top-stitch? Also, when you get your degree, what do you want to do, job-wise? What is your ultimate goal?

  2. I am a new follower and i'm looking forward to your upcoming tutorials!
    (I read your tut on BurdaStyle, so you were right about where some of us came from :) )

  3. My favorite part of follower shout out...PEARL!