Monday, August 1, 2011

Fabric Closet!!!

When the Boyfriend moved in, I had to make space in the sewing room for his large shelving unit.  In order to do so, my parents kindly moved a lot of "stuff" out of the small walk in closet in that room.  I moved 1/2 of my bedroom closet (craft stuff, coats, accessories) to the sewing room closet to make room for the Boyfriend's stuff in the bedroom closet.  Some of his belongings that he does not use as frequently are also in the sewing room closet.  I fortunately had enough space in there to put all of my patterns and my fabric!

The fabric was on a metal shelving unit along a wall in the sewing room, but that had to be moved for this:

We combined our "stuff" and I think it looks cool together.  I wanted color-coded books, and the Boyfriend did that nicely.  We have a rainbow of books in the bedroom.  My mom made the dress on the right of the picture.

Here's my fabric in the closet!

My mom has twice as much fabric in bins stored in the "bonus room."


  1. Yay Expedit! (The shelf is from Ikea, right?) I just put this in my sewing room.

  2. Very nice looking storage unit. I love your fabric closet. Did you install the closet shelving yourself?

  3. Well, I can tell you that if you get married, the guy's stuff will find a home somewhere else, like in the garage or a storage unit somewhere! Cause' that's what marriage does to our generosity!

  4. I wish my fabric stash was so modest. Mine is a source of slight embarrassment.

  5. That's the huge shelving unit I want so BADLY!! You did a gorgeous job of making it look so nice!!