Saturday, August 27, 2011

Don't Sew at 2am...unless you have to...

My second project in my pattern drafting class was to create a torso block (a combined bodice and skirt block that goes down to the hip level with fisheye darts for shaping and no waist seam) and then use the torso block for a design of my own.  I decided to create a fitted multi-seamed little black dress.  Here's my technical sketch:

Imagine this dress with contrasting piping, cute huh?  Or contrasting topstitching.... My original idea, which I backed off on because of time constraints was ruched side panels.  I decided that since I didn't have time to make a muslin, it wasn't worth trying...and possibly failing.  

So now for the dress.   The pictures were taken with my horrible phone camera.. Very blurry, but you get the idea.  I'm so NOT Happy with my sewing.  Sewing all those curved seams in a very very very stretch cotton sateen was a pain in the ass.  I thought it would be easier.  Next time, I'll use a wool crepe. My corner seams (I used my tutorial!) were beauteous!  My first invisible zipper in a year and a half (inserted at 2am) was pretty damn good.  My facing was great....the hem awesome! BUT THOSE CURVED SEAMS RUINED THE DRESS!  And it wouldn't press well...And I think in my haste I cut a panel off grain.  Ugg, so much to hate....When I finally make my own sloper, I'm making myself this dress.  

So yea, not too happy, but elements of it were good.  And I got an A on both the pattern and the dress. I thought I deserved a B, but I'll take an A.  

Next up, the plaid dress lining pictures, and the Valentino Bustier....


  1. Oh well that happens!(Congrats for the A!) You're so brave anyways and the design is really lovely! I saw the contrasting piping! Thanks for sharing your school work - it completes my perspective, I find it so interesting!


  2. Excellent design!! I have the Colette Macaron with a sweetheart type of bust and the directions called for folding down the bust-bodice piece and topstitched it to the other piece (the yoke?) . . .love hearing your trials and tribulations!

  3. You sure are keeping me in suspense on that Valentino bodice :)!!!! I love the design, curves and all.

  4. Congratulations! Keep rockin' those A's!

  5. I really like the lines of this dress. I'd love to see in contrasting fabrics.