Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fun with Denim

I participated in the Cotton Inc. Competitions at FIDM, but the submissions for the contests are due on Monday and I doubt there is anything I can make in time.  Oh well.... I learned how to embellish fabrics, dye them in cool ways, discharge fabrics, macrame techniques, and some felting techniques.  I particularly liked the dying techniques.  Last week, for the denim competition workshops I did some distressing on denim and some color discharging.  Here are some of my samples:

This was done by crunching up a piece of denim tightly in a tiny cup of bleach.

I used a diagonal folding technique.  I folded accordion-style on the bias and clamped the fabric between 2
pieces of wood and dunked in bleach.  After I discharged one side, I folded diagonally again, clamped and dunked in bleach.  

Arashi technique.  One of my favorites...Wrap fabric around PVC piping, wrap with rope, string etc,
Squish fabric to bottom of pole and dunk in bleach.  

Still have to show the inside of the Portrait Dress, I forgot, but I'll take pictures tomorrow.  Also have to show off my icky little black dress I designed.  I love the design, not the execution.  So sad, but I might redo it, definitely for myself when I get a working personal sloper.  Finally, my bustier is almost done, and its looking pretty damn good.  Have to insert hook and eye tape and sew up the rest of the lining.

And design a 12 piece golf line.....So much to do this weekend!!!!!!

Thanks to my two newest followers, Lori and Sarah!

Pearl on a poodle! I won this pillow at the fair last week!


  1. Isn't it fun to work with dyes and bleach? I've had some interesting results just using a bleach pen. What a cute pillow-pet!

  2. I have a ton of things I'm working on too...and I have to finish them before I start grad school! I love those denim awesome! Can't wait to see some new designs :)