Friday, August 5, 2011

Macrame-d in HELL! Giveaway...

Did you ever watch In Living Color?

This was just one of those projects... When you sew for yourself, you can just decide the project you are working on is a wadder and give up.  Or start over.  I couldn't do that no matter how much I wanted to (well I could have and taken an F, but I'm not that kind of person).  I did my best with the time that I had and made it work.  I really hate my dress.  I didn't like designing it (I'm not proud).  I didn't like redesigning it (still not proud).  Making the pattern was torture (only because I didn't like what I was making the pattern for).  I hated the macrame and I really hated sewing the damn thing.  I really despise sewing something I'm not proud of.  The fabric was surprisingly easy to work with.  My sewing machine didn't even have a problem with the knit.

My in-class critique went better than expected, but I don't think I'm going to get a good grade (which means I'll probably get a "B."  A "B" is a bad grade in my book....don't hate me).  I got decent comments from the teacher and the students which was really weird to me because other than being a different color, the dress is basically the same as the first one I turned in, but with ugly hemp macrame attached to it.

I'm really excited for the next draping project though, a bustier inspired by Valentino.

So here are pictures of "Macrame-d in Hell" Oh, they are on my mom's dress form, so the fit is a little off.   I was too upset in class to take a picture of the dress on the Alva form.  The dress hung (sp?) a little better on the school form so it wasn't a complete mess:

Imagine the macrame being tacked down across the back at a diagonal to the back neckline.
I had to do that by hand in class. 

My mom came up with the name "Macrame-made in Heaven (or Hell)"  I changed it to what you see on the title of this post.

I also came up with:

  • Poop Brown Hippy Couture (Hippies, do not be offended. I love hippies.)
  • Poopalicious

Don't judge, I'm tired....

My challenge for you readers is to come up with a better or equally good name (I kind of like "Macrame-d in Hell").  Any name.  Clever/Funny is good.  It doesn't haaave to be negative....

The best name will get this pattern that was never claimed in the follower giveaway I hosted a while back:

Here are the rules:

  1. Anyone can enter, International too.  Just leave a comment with a name for my dress (don't worry, I won't be offended).
  2. Contest ends Friday August 12th at 6pm PST. 
  3. I will choose (with the help of the Boyfriend and my family) my favorite name make them good.  
  4. The winner will have 4 days from the announcement to claim their prize.  I will pick another winner, if they do not claim the pattern.  
  5. If it's waaay offensive (yes, I know I said I won't be offended) I will delete the comment.  
  6. Also, only comment if you really, really want the pattern for yourself (please don't resell). :(  If you don't want the pattern, but want to name the dress, just say so. I will not pick you as the pattern winner.  


  1. The In Living color reference made my day! I don't want the pattern but perhaps Mac-ter of fact dress. That's lame I know but I've been blowing up balloons.

  2. Oh, bummer. Looks like you put in a stack of work. All part of the learning curve?!

    My suggestion: Muck-rame.

    Greco-hippy chic?

    Good luck with the Valentino project!

  3. Cow pie couture?

  4. In keeping with the Greco-Roman theme, how about the Vomitorium dress?

  5. The milk chocolate knot.

    Knot as in macramé or obstacle on/entagled tread.

  6. I don't want the pattern, but how about Macrapé?

    I sooo feel your pain about doing a project you hate for school. I'm looking forward to following the corset project though!

  7. Knot-what-I-expected dress?

    Tangled Knot dress?

    Tied into knots dress?

    I do like the color of the fabric and the concept but execution is always tricky, isn't it? Good luck with the next one!

    (my word was crime, LOL!)

  8. I think the dress has potential, but going with the "poop" theme:

    "Revenge of the Turds"?

    That dress pattern is adorable! Good luck with the next project!

  9. Knotty by nature?

  10. Don't enter me in the drawing for the pattern :O), but I will toss in a name... "you always pay for chocolate" LOL

  11. Not for pattern but "High-strung". Loads of great names-have fun..