Monday, May 16, 2011

The Fabric Stash Grows

My major problem with blogging isn’t having something to write about.  It’s taking pictures of all the things I have to write about, and then uploading them to the computer.  I really hate doing it when I could be reading all the other sewing/craft blogs out there.  Reading and commenting is a lot more fun than actually doing sometimes.  Over the past few months I’ve been “collecting” or hoarding if you will, fabric and notions.  A lot of the stuff I’ve bought or been gifted has been vintage.  

Here are some recent vintage fabric finds:

On the left, 45” floral silky, shiny fabric of some sort.   This piece is my mom’s.    Any suggestions on what she should make? And on the right, 35” floral cotton? I think.  I haven’t done a burn test yet.  I’m thinking another sheath dress. 

Non-vintage swapmeet fabric.

I love this tie-dyed jersey.  It feels beautiful.  And it was $1.50/yard I think.  Probably rayon/cotton/spandex blend.  I want to make a maxi dress with it.

This pattern perhaps?  It's already in my stash:


This cotton gauzy fabric print on the left  is for a man’s Hawaiian-style shirt.  You’ll see the finished product sometime in June.  The fabric on the right is my mom's but I'm starting to covet it.  Another $1.50/yd swapmeet find.  It's a beautiful cotton/spandex sateen, my favorite fabric to work with.  We're thinking a slim dress or an a-line skirt.  

Three more swapmeet fabrics. The first is a real batik.  I think it was a tablecloth at one point.  There are a few tiny holes that I could cut around.  I have no idea what to make with it though.  It's not really my style, but I couldn't pass it up for a whole dollar.  The second is hard to see, but it is a bottom weight stretch gabardine.  It is black and has a bit of luster to to.  I would love to make a pair of BurdaStyle slim pants with it, but I don't know when I'll ever have time.  The last fabric is a really pretty border print plain weave cotton (see my textile class has become real handy).  It's my mom's but since we bought it recently, I thought I would show it off.  

This last piece is a stretch lace.  I'm planning on an oversized drop shoulder blouse to wear over a tank top.  I made a pattern from a Michael Starr shirt that I will use.  I would like to bind the neckline and sleeves with a satin bias binding.  I wish I had a binding foot.

Well, that’s all I have right now.  So much more to show later if I can actually make time to take picture of it .


  1. I'd make a skirt from the batik. See Eugenia's blog for a simple Burda skirt made from a similar fabric. Love the idea of a long dress from the jersey and am very jealous of the deep red floral.

  2. I love that tie-dye fabric -- it looks similar to this Alice+Olivia fabric that I've been coveting:

    But yours isn't nearly as pricey, so congrats!