Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Followers

Good Morning everyone!  Pearl's just waking up and I'd thought I'd take the time to thank all my new followers.  It was a real challenge finding everyone in my blogger list, but blogger hasn't changed the order of my followers so it wasn't too difficult picking out the newbies :)

Thanks to all my new followers:

The Empress Nina, Dayna, Ebony, Modern Suzie, Martha P., penelope10, sweet jane, AliceCloset, Carly Manson, Alison H, Stacey (SewButterfly), perlchyk, LaKaribane, Sarah, geminimistress, KDinh, Abby Loden, rowsella, Jeannine, Xye, Kerri, kehall81, robinsnc, Alba Elvira, lesthor, Navaeh, kathleen c., and the last but not least, K.

Still waiting on a couple of giveaway winners to email me.  :)  

1 comment:

  1. So sorry! Been caught up in work and dog-sitting recently! I don't have your email, but this is me checking in to claim my winnings! (which I really didn't expect! eeee!) you can reach me at kehall81 at yahoo