Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Holding Up My Side of the Bargain

Remember how I've posted some stuff from  You probably don't because, frankly the post was really lame.  Well, in exchange I got to purchase and review some items.

I honestly couldn't think of anything that I really needed in the given price range. I ended up buying a duffle bag and a shoehorn for the Boyfriend.

First, the duffle bag:

Well, I think it is well made for the price, but the picture shows 3 dufflebags and said it was 36" long.  The 3 bags through me off.  Even though I know what a yard is, for some reason I could not comprehend the size.  The thing was huge and not what I wanted at all.  Oh, well.  I wanted to buy him a carry-on size to replace his other bag, buy ended up with the ginormous one.   I was going to return it, but the return label and box accidentally was thrown away and it was too much of a hassle IMO to go through the return process without it.

Now the shoehorn:

The shoehorn is pretty cool.  The Boyfriend broke his $0.99 Ikea shoehorn pretending it was a baseball bat and it snapped in half.  I got him a metal one as a replacement.  My only beef with the item is that it doesn't stick all that well to the magnet provided.  You are supposed to be able to mount the shoehorn on the wall, but the magnet is not that powerful and we've already seen it fall off.  Oh, well.  What can you expect?

I feel bad giving mixed reviews of products, but I do not believe in fluffing up a review just because I was sponsored to write one.  Overall, I think he was pleased with the presents, but liked the handmade gifts like the Negroni shirt, and a handmade photo album I made for him better.  :)

Thanks to The Cute Octopus for becoming my newest follower! Only 2 more to the giveaway! I need to start picking out patterns!

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