Wednesday, May 25, 2011

These are a Few of my Favorite Things...

Like my "The Sound of Music" reference???  So, I'm in the middle of studying for my Textile Science midterm, and I'm really bored.  Instead of studying, I thought I would show you some my FAVORITE sewing notions!

1)  Mr. Spikey! or the technical term Needle Point Tracing Wheel (Tracing Wheel-needle Point)

I use Mr. Spikey A LOT when drafting patterns.  He helps me transfer markings from muslin to paper, and from one pattern to another.  I used it here to transfer the markings from a my floral dress muslin to the back to the pattern piece.  It does not reck the cotton muslin, but I would not recommend using it on a satin.  

2)  SIMFLEX! I've been wanting one of these things for a year and I couldn't find one anywhere.  Finally found it at a sewing supply shop in the Downtown L.A.  And now, it's on Amazon! Simflex Expanding Sewing Gauge.  It is so cool! It's great for marking buttons and buttonhole placements, and pleats, and its really fun to pull apart and put back together.  

I'm going to use it on my button down chambray shirt! Hooray!


  1. I'd like the expanding sewing gauge.

  2. I LOVE my Simflex! I can't believe that they're SO hard to find, tho. Thank goodness for Nancy's Notions!

    I love these posts, btw. We've got the same book to work from! :)